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All Cheap Eats was conceived in Manly by a household of young professionals looking for great value food in their local area.
The problem, which All Cheap Eats was created to solve, was that there was no central place to find out which venues had food deals on any given day. Some of these businesses promoted new menu additions and deals on their own channels, but as new customers, discovering these was virtually impossible.
For customers, All Cheap Eats does the research for you. Select the day of the week, filter with a specific interest and search. It’s that easy.
For Business owners, Adding A Place is quick and easy, with inputs for social channels and a quality SEO backlink to your business website.

Is All Cheap Eats only for the Northern Beaches?

Absolutely not, we’ve just focused on one particular area to launch. Anyone can ‘Add A Place’, it’s a very simple process! If you have any questions regarding adding a venue please feel free to contact us.

How do I Add A Place?

Head to this link to Add A Place.